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Write your friends and family to have them restore our biblical foundation!

Below is an email template to easily copy and paste to share:

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Dear Friends and Family!

I just found out Biblical Monuments are protected in Government Buildings! 
In 2022, the US Supreme Court upheld the right of Coach Joe Kennedy to prayerfully acknowledge God after football games at public schools. 
In doing so, the Supreme Court reversed all the rulings that have driven Ten Commandment monuments, Crosses and Nativity Scenes from public property.   
So, we must take action!  
Help us Restore the Commandments to the Alabama Judicial Building in Montgomery! 
I signed the Restore The Commandments petition and encourage you do the same. 
For more information, sign the petition, visit: 
Here's a link to a short video!
Let’s lead the way and honor the God who gave us our Liberty!
Please share the video on all your social media platforms! Let's get our community involved! 
Send this message to your Pastor and Elected Officials to urge them to support honoring God! 


URGENT: Help Restore the Commandments!

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